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This website offers an online archive and research forum to support and inspire new scholarship on the cinema of the Weimar Republic. It brings together primary documents, video links, and continuing updates on publications, film restorations, and new internet resources. It also provides original materials for teaching Weimar films.

It builds on and supersedes The Promise of Cinema, a supplemental website to a sourcebook of German film-critical writings before 1933. WeimarCinema.org now focuses on Weimar’s prodigious film production and embeds it in a larger film-theoretical tradition reaching back to early cinema and also forward to contemporary concerns.

Weimar Film Still Image

This website highlights Weimar’s creation of a modernist film language of trauma and urban life that has shaped filmmaking to this day. “Weimar” here serves as shorthand for the dialectic of modernity and the fateful struggle between democratic and autocratic forces. In this way, it reveals the undiminished relevance of Weimar politics and culture in the present.

Taking advantage of the online format, WeimarCinema.org encourages an open-ended, multimedia approach to the past. Permanently a work in progress, it is also a potential site for exchange and collaborative work. For ideas, suggestions, and proposed contributions, please contact us here.

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Laura A. Frahm, Design in Motion: Film Experiments at the Bauhaus (MIT Press, July 19, 2022)

Just Published

Paul Dobryden, The Hygienic Apparatus: Weimar Cinema and Environmental Disorder (Northwestern University Press: Evanston, Ill., March 2022)


The San Francisco Silent Film Festival presented its 2022 Award for commitment to the preservation and presentation of silent cinema to the Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin. Martin Koerber, newly retired chief curator of the Kinemathek’s film archive, and Julia Wallmüller, Head of the Digitization of the National Film Heritage team, accepted the award on May 8, 2022. Their new restorations of two Weimar films, Waxworks and Sylvester, were featured at the Festival.


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